Who shall own a Designer Drawing Tablet?   .... all designers?

Designer Drawing Tablet is perfect for Industrial Design drawing, Game Production, 3D & 3D Animation drawing ......Interactive Display Touch Pad for Designer


We turn the latest pen display electromagnetic interactive technology, into the easiest and most convenient way of drawing, but best performance and most natural experience on our drawing tablet, Model O, designerPAD, this is an Interactive Touch drawing tool,  essential for design in various industries.
Direct Touch
We believe the best drawing tablet are the most simplest and direct to use. We dedicate to offer the smart drawing kits, helpful tools for designers, in order for the professional to spend all their time and effort on their great drawing in creativity and originality with touch by direct drawing on the tablet.

Draw on your Designers Tablet directly - iInteractive, Simple & Easy for Drawing

Designer Drawing Tablet

Designers’ creativity
Drawing Tablet
Direct on-screen drawing
With the most advance patented electromagnetic interactive technology, you could draw direct on the screen of the drawing tablet, with the same natural experience as if you work on canvas or paper. You could see, touch and feel direct how you draw, but not like the way of playing games where you place your hand on one device, such as tablet, or mouse, while concentrate your eye on the display.The display, a-Si Active Matrix TFT LCD, with Japan LED light source, Hard coating (3H) & Anti-Glare (Haze 25%) color technology, 16.7 million color, demonstrating natural and true rich color as needed in the design profession.
One touch
With the 10 one-touch-key, you could preset your preference of most frequently used application-specific keyboard shortcuts, or modifier keys, or most complicated, hard to memorize commands …. and enhance the productivity and efficiency. With the different key profile named, you could also preset, as many as you would like, different profiles of key combination, for your different drawing patents or situations in different industries and applications such as Industrial Design, Game Production, 3D & 3D Animation, Arts, Cartoon & Multimedia Applications and other drawing tasks.
Direct control
With the fly wheel roller at the middle of the one-touch-keys, you could preset up to 4 types
of scrolling featured functions, such as zoom in / out, scroll up / down …. And simplify the redundant repeating commands.
Direct Feel on Touch tablet
With the high pen pressure sensitivity, 2048 pressure levels, you could feel the unsurpassed accuracy and line quality instantly,
all under your hands and desire driving. Interactive Touch Designer ipad.
Simple Plug & Play Tablet
DesignerPAD is all pretested and preset by in-house manufacturing process to its optimal performance. All you need is simply plug and play, with the minimal software installation work done, and you could wait and see the best performing and smart drawing kit for professional ready in front of you. No complicated procedures or preset needed. Make use of the drawing tablet in your graphic production now.
With the 19” working display and 1440X900 pixels WXGA+ resolution, you could create your ideas and originality in this big space
of the tablet for whatever works you face, to draw, design, re-touch, edit, and animate. It could also serve as main or second monitor, or a dual display set-up to your preference. Drawing on the designer tablet is direct and simple.
Free to position
With the robust and easy to use display stand, you could position the designerPAD in any possible and comfortable angle and direction, to fulfill your creative and versatile thoughts. You could recline from 20* to 80*, and rotate 180* in either direction.
Standard VESA mounting position also applies. That makes  your industrial design drawing, cartoon drawing and fashion designs drawing on the designerpad more easy and comfortable.

Interactive Touch Pad - Applications Guide for Designer Tablet

Industrial Design
No matter which industry, what product, whether software driven or purely hand sketching / drawing, you could rely on the designerPAD to perfectly match your existing design habit and improve the drawing work flow efficiency and productivity.
Industrial design might come up with the outer shape, or the inner construction or idea first … no matter how it is, Designers tablet helps you to finish your job faster and easier. You could make your idea, sketching, renderings, … directly on the drawing tablet, and have them saved digitally. On the other hand, digital design and file saving would further create rooms for creativity and intuition, by “undoing “erasing”, or “editing” the drawing work digitally with just a button pressed.
 Industrial Design
Fashion Design
With the designerPAD, you could simply pick the pen and doodle on the screen of the drawing tablet, with 100% countless creativity, countless renderings, countless “undo” / “restart” … until the fashion designer is satisfied with his work. Gut feeling, emotional driven works, instant renderings … are all possible --- just work it out on the screen and save them ! You no longer need to scan a paper, color the outlines in the computer. Everything you could think of, just do it on screen, with the Designer Drawing tablet.
 Fashion Design
Jewelry Design
Like the fashion design, with the designerPAD, Jewelry designer can maximize their creativity, and possibility, by whatever extent of rendering works you could think of the drawing. You could utilize the drawing tablet with right software, to illustrate the jewelry in its best form and presentation way, as well as the jewelry specific theme. The drawing tablet can help designer to get more effecient designs. Simpy work with the designer pad.


 Erica Samson

Cartoon Designer

That's a great experience to use the Designer Pad as it helps me to design cartoon more effectively and more efficiently. The key to have efficient cartoon production is the drawing tablet -  the Designer pad.


John White



I'm a student in design, with the assistance of the designer PAD, I see a big enhancement in my designer jobs, especially fashion and industrial design. Simply draw and save into the computer. The Designer Pad - an amazing Interactive Displays tool.


Jim Clark

Designer and Teacher


We started to use the designer pad last year, as a trial. It helps me and my students a lot in giving fast and dedicated works in short period of time. Hence I recommended my schoold to widely use the fantastic ipad like Designer drawing tablet - Interactive and user friendly.




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